Our Priority

Berrybites is created with the only purpose: Provide your baby or toddler with fresh, nourishing meals so they can grow strong and healthy while making your life a little easier.

The goal with our organic baby and toddler food delivery service is to help your child feel their best while also providing peace of mind for your family. Berrybites strives to be your go-to for organic baby food delivery, organic baby food recipes, and overall support!

  • mindfully-source-ingredients


    We select most of our fresh, organic ingredients from the local farms. We talk directly to suppliers, visit their farms, and demand transparency on their process to ensure everything matches our own high standards for nutrition, quality, and flavors.

  • fresh handcrafted weekly


    We carefully wash and re-select all produces before prepping. We handcraft all meals in small batches. Always. We taste-test everything. If it doesn’t pass, we will cook it over again.

  • Delivered to your door


    All baby food home delivery meals leave our kitchen on the same day of production and arrive at your door the following day. To ensure freshness and food safety, please place them into your freezer upon receipt. 

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Baby Food Revolution

We take great pride in always advocating for simple, real foods. It means no shady ingredients. It means no highly processed foods. It means a transparent nutritional label. As we all commit and take part in the revolution, we believe this will be one big step forward to transform the baby and toddler food delivery industry. All is for our healthy future generation.

locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging

Better Together

By nourishing our future generation with sustainable plant-based ingredients, while using safe and reusable packaging, we can keep the planet clean and healthy for your family’s future.

daily nutrition for your baby

Daily Nutrition For Your Baby

Before creating our meal recipes for babies and toddlers, we partnered with certified pediatricians and nutritionist consultants to ensure that our formulations would meet the needs of children and contribute to reaching developmental milestones. Baby nutrition in the first 1,000 days is critical because this is when their brain, body and immune system grows and develops rapidly.

peace of mind

We're really picky.

Adhering to strict criteria for us means peace of mind for you. That's why we are committed to the highest standards from sourcing to prepping and delivering our meals to your doors. With Berrybites, you can be sure of our consistent, premium products that meet the highest national quality, safety, and sustainability standards, delivered straight to your door on time.

Berrybites Founders Story

From Our Founder

"Let's share the load and multiply love!"

I have always wanted to be a mom, but a few years back when I babysat my 1-year-old niece, I started realizing that I was definitely not ready to be a parent.

Every time my sister was out for work, I was told to feed my niece anything that we might have in the fridge or pantry, but everything I found was canned foods and pre-packaged purees. I remember feeling desperate when breaking open the seal of those foods was my only choice. I also remember feeling tired after prolonged cooking, feeding and cleaning times. However, I will never forget the smile and excitement on my neice's face when she tried the cauliflower soup I made for her. I felt happy and satisfied. That moment changed my life, and is the reason behind my work to develop Berrybites.

With Berrybites' organic baby and toddler food delivery service, my hope is to bring the smile and excitement of my niece to your home.