8 Expert Tips for Picky Eaters

As your baby starts on solids, we know that you probably have a lot of questions. We want to make sure that you and your child have everything you need to get ready for this exciting stage, so we talked to Torie Silverstone, registered dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She shares with us eight tips that parents can practice to encourage their little one to try new foods.

certified specialist in pediatric nutrition at Children’s Hospital Colorado

"Repeat daily and your child will eventually become comfortable with different foods."

Picky eating is common, and, oh, the battles surrounding it can be frustrating for both parents and kids. Helping your child expand their palate is a process of regular exposure to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar foods. The key is to support your child as they approach new foods on their own terms, so they don’t feel scared by it.

Torie Silverstone, MS, RD, CSP. Registered dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition.

  • Start Little

    Serve your child a small amount—no bigger than the size of a golf ball—of a non-preferred or new food on their plate each day.

  • Share

    Serve a new food to your child that the rest of the family is eating. This allows your child to observe others enjoying the same food.

  • Encourage

    Talk about the food only if your child interacts with it in a positive way, like touching, smelling, tasting it. Praise trying and ignore whining.

  • Trust

    Trust your child to eat what their body needs. As a parent, your job is to offer a balanced meal. After the meal is served, the child is in charge of whether or not to eat and how much.

  • Let It Be

    Avoid asking your child to take a bite or commenting about the food. Just let it be on the plate. This is harder than you think, but pressuring kids to eat can make them shut down.

  • Be An Example

    Make it fun for the family to regularly try new foods together. Order a few appetizers and sample them together instead of ordering large main dishes.

  • Favorite First

    Fill most of the plate with well-liked foods. Think about a food you don’t like as an adult, and how you’d feel if you had a full plate of it served to you. That may feel intimidating; but just a bite next to yummy food? That’s okay.

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What is my baby does not like the food?

Babies are learning about food and everything is a new experience for the first few months to years of eating solid foods. It is important to continue offering each food dozens of times. Babies may not like every food the first try, but their taste buds adjust and learn new foods and babies grow to like most foods when given time and repeated exposure. Also, a funny face from your child does not signal dislike, it’s part of the sensory learning experience. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Do you cater to allergens?

Absolutely. We know how difficult it can be when a little one has an allergy, which is why all of our meals are free from the big-8 allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soya).

Berrybites meals are completely plant-based. Is it safe and healthy for my little one?

Yes, Berrybites meals have been comprehensively evaluated by a pediatric registered dietitian to make sure all meals provide the right amount of protein from a variety of plant sources.