Nutrition during infancy

During the first year of your baby, they will go through an amazing growth spurt. To grow that much, they need a lot of nutrients -- more than at any other time in their life. Starting good nutrition practices early can help your growing little one stay healthy and develop good eating habit for life.

Breast milk is the best source of nutrients

Whether you plan to breastfeed or you are still unsure, consider the fact that your milk is the best first food for your baby’s first several months. If you are unable or decide not to breastfeed, infant formulas can be a good alternative.

How much and how often to breastfeed

How much and how often to breastfeed?

First Days: Your newborn baby’s belly is tiny, so start little. It is not recommended to feed your baby with infant formula in the first few days.

First Weeks and Months: Babies will generally take what they need and stop when they are full at each feeding. So follow your baby's eating cues!

6 to 24 Months: Breastfeed along with introducing solid foods. Continue to follow your child’s cues to decide when to feed.

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Introduce Solid Foods

Starting around 6 months, your baby is growing significantly. Although breast milk and/or formula will continue to be the main source of your child’s nutrition, they will need more and more nutrients in the form of solid foods. It is important to introduce your little one to a wide variety of foods from the five healthy food groups: vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy, and protein. Eating a diversed and balanced-diet at an early age will help your baby maintain a similarly varied and balanced diet later in life.

  • Plain yogurt

  • Colorful fruits

    Avocado, banana, blueberries

  • Iron-fortified cereals

    Avoid rice cereals

  • Tofu & Beans

  • Well-cooked vegetables

  • Well-cooked soft meat and fish

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  • Cow's milk

  • Honey

  • Plant-based milk

  • Salty foods & Junk foods

    Factory-made snacks: crackers, chips

  • Sugary foods & drinks

    Juice, soft drinks

  • Hard, sticky foods

    Raw carrot, Candy, popcorn, whole nuts, peanut butters

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