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Curry Is Always Good!

Curry Is Always Good!

This comforting bowl is a way to expand your little one’s taste buds to Indian cuisines. Look at this curry bowl, you won’t believe that it also has sweet potatoes, taro, peas as well as carrot, which make this a filling meal that’ll prevent sudden hunger pangs. Instead of fresh cream, we use coconut milk, which adds an extra creamy flavor to the dish. This is how we often say "Killing two birds with one stone!"

Organic Ingredients

Russet potato, In-house vegetable stock (carrot, celery, leeks, water), Sweet potato, Taro, Peas, Carrots, Gum-free coconut cream, Olive oil, Garlic powder, Curry powder, Onion powder, White pepper powder.

Nutritional info

This wholesome lunch bowl contains 276g of plant-based ingredients.

How to heat it?

For stovetop, leave this bowl in the fridge to thaw overnight. Once you are ready to cook, pour into a pan and cook over medium-high heat for 1-3 minutes. 

For microwave, remove the sleeve and place sealed bowl in the microwave. Heat on high for 1-3 minutes. Let the bowl cool down for 30 seconds before removing the film.

Cook it yourself

Get recipe at Curry is always good recipe page

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