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22 meals

We have all of your baby’s meals covered this week with the Developer bundle. This meal bundle contains 12 oaty bowls and 11 comfort soups from the 6-7 month bundles. In one week, you get 22 convenient meals that combine numerous flavor profiles and smooth textures. 

If you have previously tried the other meal bundles with your baby, this bundle can set you up for further success. We understand that life gets busy, and we want to make mealtime effortless for your family. Enjoy more extra-easy meal prep with the Developer bundle!

    Is this the right bundle for my baby?

    👶 This bundle is suitable for babies 7 months and older


    🥣 Smooth texture
    🌿 Multi-ingredient with spices & herbs

    Meals in this bundle

    Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Yamapple Oatmeal

    Peach Mango Oatmeal

    Kabocha Greens Porridge

    Mixed Redberry Oatmeal

    Purple Yam Blueberry Oatmeal

    Dragon Berry Oatmeal

    Comforting Lentils

    Creamy Corn

    Curry Is Always Good

    Kabocha Cha Cha

    Super Green Super Good

    Beet Warms Me Up

    Yummi Cabroli

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