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Meals per bundle

The Learner bundle is formulated for babies 7 months and older. We maintain the same smooth textures in these meals but add bolder spices and herbs to enhance the flavor profile. There’s also a greater variety of ingredients in the Learner bundle. 

    These meals are filled with vital nutrients for your baby. They introduce distinct spices that set up your baby’s taste preferences for the rest of their life. You can start to see what your baby likes to taste at mealtime. Plus, they’re consuming plenty of healthy vegetables!

    Is this the right bundle for my baby?

    👶 This bundle is suitable for babies 7 months and older


    🥣 Smooth texture
    🌿 Multi-ingredient with spices & herbs

    Meals in this bundle

    Comforting Lentils

    Creamy Corn

    Curry Is Always Good

    Kabocha Cha Cha

    Super Green Super Good

    Yummi Cabroli

    Beet Warms Me Up

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