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Super green super good

Super green super good

This soup is exactly what it claims to be: a very green, super healthy soup! It’s no secret that green vegetables offer a ton of great benefits, even for very young children. In just one Super Green Super Good bowl, your baby will get almost an entire day’s requirement of protein, greens, and half the daily needs of iron. The potatoes add extra flavor and creamy texture, which makes eating greens more exciting for your kiddo. 

Nutritional info

This wholesome lunch bowl contains 241g of plant-based ingredients.

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  • prep time


    15 mins

  • Cook time


    90 mins

  • cooling time


    5 mins

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  • Russet potato

    1 cup

  • Onion

    1 tbsp

  • Garlic

    2 cloves

  • Mixed vegetables

    1/4 cup Kale

    1/4 cup Chard
    1/2 cup Spinach
    1/4 cup Bok Choy

    1/4 cup Green Beans

  • Ground spices

    Pinch of Nutmeg powder
    Pinch of Ginger powder
    Pinch of White pepper Powder

  • Vegetable Stock

    1/2 Carrot (medium)

    1 stalk Celery

    1/4 Leeks (light green stem)

    1/2 Honeycrisp Apple

    5 cups Water

Get it ready

1. Russet potato: Peel the skin and chop into small pieces.

2. Kale & Chard: Chop them into small pieces.

3. Bok Choy: Chop off and discard stems at the bottom of the bok choy. Then chop them into small pieces.

4. Green beans: Line up all the ends of green beans against your knife edge. Cut off both ends and chop them in half.

5. Onion: Slice half inch from stem end and root end. Cut onion in half, and peel back the onion skin. Slice and chop it into small pieces.

6. Garlic: Trim the root end and tip of each garlic clove. Peel away the skin.

Vegetable Stock

Add carrot, celery, leeks, honeycrisp apple, and water in a medium pot. Bring it to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, for 45 minutes - 1 hour to infuse the water with vegetable goodness. Once done, use a hand held strainer to remove all the fruits and vegetables. Keep the stock in the pot to cook soup.

Let's get cooking


Bring the vegtable stock to boil again.


Once it's boiling, add russet potato, onion, garlic, kale, chard, green beans to the pot. Let it boil on high heat, uncovered, for another 5 minutes.


Reduce heat to medium and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.


Turn off the heat and allow it to cool down for 5 minutes before blending.


Using a blender or immersion blender, blend the soup to form a smooth purée.

*Note: If you want the soup to be super smooth, you can strain the soup using a fine mesh strainer.


Season with ground spices (nutmeg, ginger, white pepper powder).


Allow it to cool for 5 minutes before serving. Serve warm.

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